As some of you might already know that we completed on our new offices and studio 5 months ago and we are now beginning work to hopefully get it ready for valentines Day. No not because we are planning a dating night or nothing, just a date in mind so we can focus and work towards. That in mind to get our inspiration juices flowing we thought we would do a whole section on office décor ideas.

The simplicity and cleanliness of Nordic interiors rarely fits an area as well as it fits a work space. That’s because work spaces are meant to be simple.The simpler the décor and the interior design the easier it is to get around and to always find the thing you need. Also, simplicity meant fewer distractions and thus it’s easier to concentrate and to focus on the task.

As mentioned, the colors are usually very simple

It’s a style which focuses on simple colors such as black and white. It’s also usually characterized by well-organized spaces which is also a crucial characteristic of all work areas.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that bold colors lack completely
This minimalism can be customized in various different ways
It’s easy to design incorporate such a workspace in any home
The combination of bold and neutral shades is eye-catching and dynamic
It’s a good idea to personalize your work space
Although small, a workspace can be very functional
Make the space comfortable and inviting with cozy textures
Antiques can make any design look unique and special
It’s important to have plenty of natural light when you’re working
Workspaces are often placed in front of the window
Being organized is easy when the décor is simple
A child’s workspace must be colorful but not distracting
Cork boards are wonderful for displaying personal items and for organizing things
Crates, boxes and containers are also very useful
Of course, shelves are perfect for both displaying and storing items
A clean workspace is more inviting and makes everything more pleasant
Chalkboards are even more useful than cork boards
The shelf above the chalkboard solves the storage and organization issues
The workspace can be a part of the bedroom or of an open space
A few touches of color can really make a décor stand out
One way of personalizing a space is by drawing on the walls
Shelves, in this case, are the key feature of the design
The attic is an excellent space for a home office
Shared workspaces are more difficult to keep organized so it helps to have a system
Small and very simple, this workspace bathes in natural light

Nordic-style interior designs usually focus on practicality. Unless something is useful in some way it won’t be included in the design. It’s exactly how everyone should think when they’re decorating their office or work space. Of course, you can have posters on the walls and similar things but the actual work space should be as clean and clear as possible. This is why the Nordic style is perfect.

Natural wood colors are also popular choices in this style
Black and white are recurrent colors in most Nordic designs
Purely decorative elements are sometimes the element that ties everything together
Being organized is important so storage has to be well designed
Combine different colors to create customized designs
A minimalist décor often requires some colorful accents
Black and white are combined here with shades of brown and beige
Pattern can save a décor from being monotonous
Black and white elements are combined here very smoothly
Be creative and add your own touches to the design
Chalkboards make it easy to personalize any space
If possible, try to work as closely to the window as possible
White is a very clean and simple color and it’s a great choice in this
To maintain simplicity, choose only one accent color
A white background can be filled with anything you want
Here’s a different and ingenious idea you can use for your own workspace
Nordic designs often look nice in combination with industrial elements
An area rug makes an excellent accent piece in any space
Another example of a workspace with industrial charm
Even though the views might not be extraordinary, the window provides wonderful ligh
A plant can make a space feel fresh and vibrant event when it’s not real
Drawers are excellent for storing and organizing small items
The same thing can be said about shelves and wall units
A white office can be decorated with strong colors for contrast

Minimalism is, in this case, a must. Because this is a style that suits this type of spaces so well, we instantly feel drawn to it and it’s why we’ve decided to show you our favorites. They range from very simple to colorful and personalized and each one is unique. There are lots of things that can inspire you. In fact, I think we are ready to design our workspace.


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