10 Ways To Banish Procrastination So You Can Start Creating Results In Your Life And Business

Hello all hope you are all well and you are looking forwards to the weekend. Even better than that you have had a productive week.

I just wanted to touch base with you all and to post you this quick message. It has been a very exciting week for me why you may ask, well I will tell you. I have had the privilege to start working with some fantastic individuals that just well, motivate me. they motivate me because of their passion. Their passion for stepping out to make their dreams a reality.


…..and that just makes me so pumped no need for physical exercises just a mental workout……


Not because they have it all together, or because they no exactly where they are right now at this moment of time or know how they are going to get there, but just for the mare fact they no with all their heart they are willing to take the chance on making their dreams a reality “with a little bit of help from me of course”.

But how do we stay focus on our dreams and goals when procrastination wants to raise it’s ugly head?

If you are at this point of time, that scary place right now and you are asking yourself this same question. Don’t worry all is not lost don’t beat yourself down any longer let me share with you a few things I have learnt along my 10 years entrepreneurial journey that has helped me banish procrastination and ‘Kick It Out’ the door out from my life.


1. Make A Public Declaration

Shout it out to the roof top about what it is you are wanting to get up and get moving on.

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What tends to happen is you are giving yourself a little kick and push in the behind “I mean from behind”. And this dose the trick and wonders, no one really likes being push or kick especially from yourself.

2. Schedule The Time To Do It In Your Calendar

I am sure you’ve heard this many a times but in short it works. Schedule what you have to do in advance and write it down.

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3. Get A Accountability Partner

“Now that does not mean your dog a man’s best friend and all that”.

Accountability is mother natures way of telling you if you can’t do it yourself get some help, there’s no shame in asking for help.

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It’s better you ask for help and you start getting moving rather than you staying stuck wondering what went wrong. In my life I have had the pleasure of asking for help many times and it has been my life line on many occasions.

A great accountability partner is a two way exchange.

4. Create A Punishment For Not Taking Action

I have four beautiful bundle of joys not so much little any more but I do and can remember one time when my eldest son who was then just two decided he was going to climb onto my bed and proceeded to empty the whole content of a jar of Vaseline all over he’s body, hair, eyes piratically any where he could find that would hold the Vaseline.

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I entered my bedroom to catch him finishing of the last remaining drops of Vaseline, I stared at him, he stared back at me and there was a moment of silence and then he proceeded to start smacking himself and crying for about 3 to 5 seconds. What could I do but to pick him up chuckle inside, give him a big hug and take him off to wash him down in a nice hot bath so trust me punishment works especially if you minister it yourself.

Since that fatal day my son has not played with a Vaseline jar or anything that resembled a jar ever since.


5. Set A Deadline And If Not Met Fine Yourself

I think I read one time many moons ago in the bible this saying “Judge yourself less you be judge”. I know for some that word ‘JUDGE’ can sound a bit hash or like a dirty word, but really if you think about in this way.

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A judge is quite an important person who holds kind off an important role in the proceedings of an court case that people look up to. Whatever he or she says goes “They have the finial word” So it’s kind of like you, you are the judge over your life proceedings so if you don’t meet that deadline in the proceeding of your life. You have the power and right to fine yourself.

You have the finial word. So you better reach that dead line or your going to have to answer too you.

6. Make A List Of What Your Not doing That You Should Be Doing

In short writing this down just works try it for yourself and you will be blown away. This is one habit you should defiantly start this year.

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7. Write Down Why You Haven’t Done It Yet Then Just Do It

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8. Create An Environment Where You Are Likely To Do It And Win

Now what does this mean, well for me I believe in win win situations so for me creating environment where I’m likely to win on my action would be. I make sure I am always at hand to shower my husband with words of “How wonderful he looks today”, “How nice he smells”, “Is that a new aftershave you have on I say” “Your my man” you get my drift and pretty much 9 out of 10 times I have created an environment where he will gladly do the cooking and wash the dishes for me if I am no feeling up to it after a long day with projects.

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Now don’t be alarmed my husband hates DIY and fixing things, and we live in an old Georgian house that needs a lot of fixing up and I’m always at had to do all the DIY, what I call a win win situation.

9. Monitor Everything You Do

Now this is what I do every hour and you don’t have to do it every hour, you can spread it out to every two hours or three as long as it works for you and you follow up on it.

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10. Ask Yourself “ is What I’am Doing Right Now Bring Me Closer To My Goal?

You could also say it like this; Is what I’am doing taking me further away from my dreams? Or is What I’am doing bring me closer to my dreams and the life that I really want?

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If you struggle with any of the above and it’s stopping you from getting the results you really want, then you can book an consultation with me for a 45 minutes free Richible Business Makeover to kick start you into taking massive action.

Enjoy your weekend

Much Love


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