10 Bold & Inspiring Front Doors to Welcome Your Guests

As most of you may know that I recently well that’s stretching it a bit 5 years ago to be true. My family and I was so happy to have been able to move into a wonderful, big and old Edwardian home in the country. This was the saving factors that push me to convince my hubby to go for it. I sold him the dream of what it could look like once we got our creative juices on it.

It has been a love affair to bring this beautiful ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

I’m now on the exterior of the house after spending a gruelling three months on the inside just before Christmas.

Ever wanted to be able to direct someone to your house by saying something like, “Ours is the one with the pink door”? This just might be your year! Now, more than ever before, statement-color front doors are being used to add style and personality to a home’s facade. Here are ten that might get you thinking about a simple and fun way to update your own space:

Hello, sunshine! Bold yellow door on a white house makes a great modern statement. I like how the yellow door’s vertical lines contrast with the horizontal lines of the steps and siding. Both aspects emphasize each other.

Freshen up the whole front facade with green! And if that green is close to the Color of the Year (emerald), well, then, all the better. Crisp, bright, and nature-inspired, I truly don’t think you could go wrong with green anywhere on your home…front door included.

Purple is a majestic, powerful color, and this plum-colored front door follows suit. It’s a deep, sophisticated hue, and paired with the pale grey exterior of the home is a lovely addition that simultaneously grounds the house and warms the view. Beautiful.








Orange and charcoal is a dazzling contemporary color palette. This front door is a perfect way to amp up the energy level of this cool exterior.

Ahh, blue. Beautiful indigoey cobalty blues like this one make me feel warm inside. Painted this color, the door makes the home itself feel substantial, historical, and personable. This is an especially good look with natural elements (e.g., climbing vines, rock, etc.) surround the door itself.

Just because the front of the house is ultra-traditional, doesn’t mean the front door color has to be predictable! This beautiful, rich jewel tone is a sophisticated and unexpected choice for this door…and it speaks volumes about the style one might expect to find within.

It’s been said that the color of your front door could help sell your home. This aqua door certainly gives off a friendly and energetic first impression to visitors and potential homebuyers alike. The look is clean and fresh, toeing the line of boldness without being too stand-out. A great classic look.

Contemporary chartreuse door on a traditional red brick home? The combination couldn’t be more pleasant. The door livens up the dark brick and keeps things from feeling stale and, well, like everyone else’s brick home. I love this.

For a subtle eye-catching front door, consider using a color that’s more on the pastel side of the spectrum. This mint-colored door is perfection with the pale buttery yellow house. It looks stylishly vintage-fresh, if that’s even a thing.{image from prettyhandygirl}.

Okay, so maybe super-bright colors aren’t exactly your thing. Black can make a bold statement, too, especially on the front door. This entry is classic and clean and perfectly welcoming to residents and visitors alike.

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