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10 Amazing Beauty Products to Try by 2021

Flip open this triangle-shaped palette to reveal four holographic pastels shades—green, blue, purple, and pink. Each is iridescent and multi-dimensional, and packs a punch of color even with just one coat, thanks to pigments that have a special refractive coating. Think beyond lids; these look stunning layered over lipstick, on cheekbones as highlighter, or dotted along your collarbone.

You’ve heard of probiotics, but this new line from La Roche-Posay (the result of five years of research, which we reported on last month) contains prebiotics. The good-for-your-skin bacteria promote a healthy microbiome, a.k.a. the micro-organisms that live on top of the skin, and are responsible for a strong skin barrier. To put it in simpler terms, a healthy microbiome equals a healthy skin barrier equals healthy skin. This moisturizer delivers all that as well as your daily dose of sun protection, all in a fast-absorbing, non-greasy formula.
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Luxury meets natural with this latest line from Kérastase. Each product is made with at least 96 percent naturally-derived, responsibly-sourced coconut and argan oils, and without any sulfates, silicones, or parabens. It’s no secret that “natural” doesn’t always equal effective, but this shampoo cleans completely and lathers impressively well (no easy feat for a sulfate-free formula), while the conditioner smooths, hydrates, and detangles. Finally, a way to do good for yourself and the environment, without having to sacrifice good hair.

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Becca continues to nail the luminous/glowy/gorgeous skin game, and their latest launch is no exception. The purple-hued primer (don’t worry, it goes on sheer) brightens, evens out imperfections, and makes your complexion look, in one word, amazing. It has enough of a skin-perfecting effect that you can totally skip makeup, though like any good primer, it also prolongs the wear of any products you layer on top.

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Forget bouquets, we’d much rather take our roses in the form of this cushiony cream. The fresh rose scent and pretty pink color would be reason enough to use it (plus the fact we’re huge fans of the brand Baume de Rose lip balm), but this skin-saver isn’t just about appearances. As hydrating as a balm—though not quite as heavy—it maintains the balance of your skin’s hydrolipidic layer, a protective film made up of sweat, sebum, and water. Translation: A healthy complexion that looks and feels amazing.

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The British makeup artist never ceases to deliver innovative makeup and skin care. And her latest launch is no exception. A sheet mask that’s completely dry to the touch, the ingredients are only released once you massage your face for 30 seconds after you’ve placed it over your face. Not only is it way less messy, but it can also be reused up to three times. A laundry list of ingredients (niacinamide, oils, plant extracts) delivers everything you could want for your skin in just 15 minutes: hydration, brightness, smoothness, and lift. But our favorite part? The attached loops that slip over your ears to keep the mask in place.

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The next generation of exfoliator, this not only leaves skin smooth, but also promises to counteract the damaging effects of pollution. (News flash: Pollution can cause spots, wrinkles, and all kinds of other complexion concerns.) White charcoal pulls out existing pollutants on your skin, while red algae and tara fruit extract prevent those pesky particles from adhering in the first place. It’s a sloughing standout, especially for city dwellers.

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Secret Key – Syn-Ake Anti Wrinkle & Whitening Toner – Face Toners with Syn Ake and collagen

Paraben free, mineral oil free, benzophenone free, pigment free, animal nature oil free, Takes care of wrinkles and creates clear face, Collagen provides moisture for skin, Fresh texture. 

Secret Key - Syn-Ake Anti Wrinkle & Whitening Toner - Face Toners with Syn Ake and collagen - Face Scrubs Unisex - Facial Toner for men and woman - Cleansing Gels & Foams - Peeling Face Mask

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It’s a tough decision whether to call this a treatment—it touts a blend of coconut, chia seed, prickly pear seed, and cloudberry oils, plus amino acids and green tea extract—or a lip color, since it comes in six sheer neutrals. We’ll go ahead and call it the perfect hybrid that leaves lips incredibly soft and hydrated and with the prettiest hint of color.

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Our #girlcrush Jen Atkin has done it again. This time by totally revolutionizing dry shampoo. Forget powders and sprays, this formula is a full-on foam (you could easily mistake it for a mousse). It takes a second to get used to the feeling of applying a dry shampoo that’s not, well, dry, but all you have to do is massage it through your roots until it disappears, taking all traces of oil and grime with it. And if you ever OD on another styler, a squirt of this will remove any excess so that you can start over without having to wash your hair.

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