The Love For Beauty In Multi-coloured Eyes Rom Isichei


Rom was born in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria. He currently lives and works in Lagos. He earned an HND in Fine Arts from Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, Nigeria in xx and a Post-Graduate Diploma and Masters of Fine Arts MFA from Chelsea College of Art and Design, (UAL) London. He has exhibited widely locally and international.

His works are featured in diverse publications and included in numerous public and private collections. Rom is listed in “Who’s who” in contemporary Nigerian Art, Smithsonian Museum of African Art Library, Washington DC.


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Rom Isichei is a conceptual artist whose practice has persistently engaged object and material exploration. He utilizes the varied media of painting, sculpture, collage, and photography, with a leitmotif inextricably linked and continuously intertwined — a consequence of his sustained experimentation, self-direction, and professional development.

Rom Isichei’s compositions often evoke contemplation and engender dialogue about identity and culture, failures and insecurities, less and excess, loneliness, rapture and gaiety, and other emotional ‘gestures’ within our contemporary commune.


Dapo Adeniyi, art critic and publisher of “Position Magazine” opines that Rom is gregarious in his technique, collaging found objects to tell stories that are universal to the human experience with a stylistic colouration that is decidedly contemporary. He has defined a signature of works that is unique to him. His, is one of those you could tell apart immediately you found yourself in a crowded exhibition hall. He articulates the human condition as few others do.


ROM ISICHEI is one of Nigeria’s best selling artists. His work is sold solely through
the Nike Art Gallery. He is best known for his highly textured segmented faces,
however due to the demand for this style he made a decision to stop producing the
segmented faces so that he doesnt devalue his clients investments. His works are
investment pieces, and every year the demand for his work, as well as the price,
increases. You’ll notice his style due to his thick and confident strokes and high
textured oil and acrylic on canvas. Without physically touching his work, one can
can feel the texture.



In 1997, with seven years corporate experience in advertising, he decided to return to his initial passion – painting. Rom has had seven solo exhibitions and over nine selected group exhibitions within and outside of Nigeria. He is listed in the “Who’s Who” of contemporary Nigerian art, the Smithsonian Museum of African Art in Washington, DC and the Alfred Spinler’s Collection/Publication of Contemporary Art in Nigeria and Ghana. He describes his artwork has “metaphoric” and draws his inspiration from human and everyday experiences in society. In many pieces, he creates a shroud of mystery that becomes evident when viewed from a certain distance. His artistic style pulls his audience out of an armchair analysis to active participation in the creative process and as a result forcing them to make their interpretations.




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