I Can Look Good, Feel Good, and Be Good


True beauty cannot be seen only in the outside appearance of an individual, but in the inside, as well.

It is an innate quality, a way of being, and a manner of acting. A common misunderstanding in this concept is that it refers to the perfection of the physical characteristics only. Where, in fact, to achieve balanced beauty, the inner and the outer features of an individual must blend together in such a way that it is bounded by love, happiness, social grace, and self-expression through all bodily movements.
Observe the people around you.Even without seeing them, I know that all of them are beautiful and I can justify my observation.

1.) Some of them are physically attractive – slim, dark or fair complexion, with long shiny or dark curly short hair, with a nice smile – that makes other people go for a second look.

2.) Others have wonderful personalities – cheerful, animated and are fun to be with.

3.) Still others are intellectually gifted – perform good in Languages, English, Maths, Science or any academic subjects.

4.) Lastly, there are those who are talented with different skills like playing musical instruments, acting or singing on stage, etc.

The people who possess any or some of the combinations above are considered beautiful in one way or another. But for someone to be believe they are truly beautiful, he/she believes they have to possess the physically attractive qualities alone.

“Think of it as a diamond which must be cut with many facets in order to sparkle properly. Each facet should be proportioned in such a way that complete beauty shines forth.”

Achieving true beauty is not as hard as it may seem. As a matter of fact, to think beautiful is to be beautiful. That’s right! All you need is the proper attitude towards believing how good you look and feel, and it will eventually show that you are, indeed. The seeds of beauty are one of the most precious seeds of thought you can plant and cultivate in your mind. Just by thinking and saying, “I look good,” you’ve sowed the seeds. After sowing these seeds, cultivation must begin. Cultivation is comprised of the responsibility and the commitment on your part to make beauty a reality in your life. This takes time and work, especially as you need to work on all the aspects of your being – physical, emotional, mental, and aesthetic. Cultivating the thought, “I look good” requires self-analysis, goal-setting, discipline, dedication, and patience until you can finally say,

“I feel good. I am good.”

What is essential in achieving good looks, feelings, and vibrations is to love yourselfabove everything else. Respect and love for your unique self and an understanding of your nature are the first steps in building respect, love and understanding to others. Only when you feel good about yourself will you begin to like and love yourself. And only when you begin to love yourself will you become a vital and interesting person for others to see.

The secret is to develop a friendly relationship with yourself. If you would not want yourself as a friend, who would want to?

It’s really not that difficult, is it? So, go on. Tell yourself and other people that “I can look good, feel good, and be good. Therefore, I will.”

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