How To Successfully Handle Change From Caterpillar To The Butterfly



Change can be one of those elusive words we casually through around in our everyday life, but when it really comes down to it we all don’t really like change. So how can we best handle changes in our life that we so long for to take our life and business to the next level’s as we come into a New Year? And Especially those changes that we haven’t planned for that seem to turn up in our lives when we least expect them?

Listen in as Omar discusses the best methods for handling change in your life. All our shows are available for downloads.

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Host: Omar Zac Phillips


Bio: Omar Zac Phillips is a Psychologist, People and Talent Specialist, Life Coach and Published Author. He has 25 years experience in the corporate world and helps many professional men define who they are and how they can use their new found understanding about themselves to live the life they really want.

Co- Host: Rachael Aprill Phillips

Guest: No guests


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  1. I have already spent hours on your site I say to myself just one more and I find myself 30 minutes latter. I really loved this podcast, as change is one thing I’m finding hard to do at the moment. I’m not quite sure which path I should take in my life. On one hand my life seems like it’s going well but on the other I know I could do more if I move some things around and change it up a little.

    Any thoughts on moving careers? I’ve been in mine for about 12 years now i like what I do but I really want to explore other avenues.

    I am a electrician by qualification and there isn’t much else I think I can do from the top of my head.

    By the way great site I am really enjoying the content your sharing keep it up.

    • Hi there Moses thanks so much for stopping by and taking out the time to read our content. We’re so happy that it really touching the right spots. In regards to you moving career the best advice I could give you is to take your time to think of other things you enjoy doing. It does not have to be money related, something like a hubby or somewhere you enjoy going to fish, drink wine, play sports you get the point. And then look into why you enjoy it and something might come from this. It might take a while it’s not an overnight process.

      Once you feel you’ve spent enough time on this pls drop us back a line on and we would love t have a chat we have your email address, just attach the title of the post you commented on.

      Have a great one! Abi Admin Manager


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