How Do You View Money And Does It Matter When It Comes To Happiness


We all have read the rag to riches stories how some man or woman turned their life around and became financially free. Is becoming rich a science or can it be learnt by any one.

When it come to building our business as entrepreneurs and business owners the one thin is for sure and that is that we want to make sure that our businesses our profitable or at least bring us closer to our dream lifestyle.

Why is it then that some seem to have it down back better than others.


Who is Successful?
Many people who achieve fortune in the world are not born rich. But they accomplished it through hard work and a plan of action.
Every type of person on earth can become successful. There are saints and scoundrels; philanthropists and thieves; poets and politicians; young and old. There are no limitations or physical boundaries for

Success comes to those who deeply think about success and constantly strive for it!

Although many rich financiers at the turn of the century had no formal education, they overcame that and went on to great fame. Some people strive towards a single goal from early in life, and often attain that goal while still young.
Others are willing to risk new adventures later and still attain success.

“It’s never too late to learn,” wrote Malcolm Forbes, the money magnate. “I learned to ride a motorcycle at 50 and fly balloons at 52.”

Whatever your task, whatever your obstacles, you can be as successful as anyone else. Study the people who accomplished recognition in the areas of your pursuit. How did they achieve their goals?


And don’t be afraid you don’t have what it takes.
As Daniel Webster wrote, “There is always room at the top.”



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