Get The Girls Together This Weekend And Create Your Own Home Spa Day


You know when it’s time to kick of the shoes after a long and hectic week. Why not try something different with your girl friends this weekend and pampa yourself in style with a little company.

So you’re not left with nothing to eat on your fun but relaxing day here are a few thing you need to know on what to get to eat to make your day a success.

There are two criteria for the food and drink you consume on your home spa day. It should be as natural as possible and it should be easy to prepare. This is the day you pamper yourself, so you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing food. Natural food is food that has not been processed to any great degree and so retains much more nutrition. It still looks the way it was when nature created it.

Salad foods are a great idea for your home spa day. Salads are easy to prepare and there is no need even to cut them up.

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Why not simply eat a tomato or cucumber in the same way you would eat an apple? Add a stick of celery, some lettuce, grapes and pineapple, a little capsicum – or whatever you fancy. Leave off all those fancy salad dressings that pile on the weight and enjoy the taste of salad veggies in their natural state.

Other vegetables can be juiced and mixed up in a healthy and nutritious cocktail for your home spa day. Carrot, beetroot and spinach, celery and many other vegetables can all be juiced and if added to apple juice makes a pleasant drink.

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At Home Spa/Pamper Session


Bananas contain essential potassium, so eat them whole or blend with yogurt and strawberries for a healthy smoothie. Citrus fruits are so good for us and lemon especially can help the liver to detoxify.

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Start off your day with the juice of a lemon in a glass of warm water and your liver will thank you.

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Orange juice squeezed straight from fresh oranges is one of the healthiest drinks you could get. You can drink it neat or pour it over ice cubes to cool it down.

Whatever else you drink, be sure to include plenty of water. Your home spa treatment will cause your body to lose moisture, even if you are in water or having a steam bath, so it must be replaced or you’ll risk becoming dehydrated. Water is best taken at room temperature. But if the weather is really hot, using half iced water to half room temperature water will make it more refreshing.

Treat yourself to nuts, coconut, avocado, oily fish and seeds to make sure you get enough of those essential fats. Avoiding all foods that are processed and choosing only foods in their natural state will do your body a favor by stocking up on essential nutrition.


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