Don’t Let The Lack Of Money Rob You From Going For Your Dream


A Poem Written By Rachael Aprill Phillips


I dream of the time when life was bliss and playful,

When a handful of us played on the streets to the beat Rhythm is a Dancer,

The faster that life goes,

No one knows or says hello anymore,


Love thy neighbour as thy self as become a bi word,

Like the books we left on the shelf that tells the tale of our history,

It’s no mystery that we were born to be great,

But wait what went wrong,

We sang the song of defeatness, brokenness, hopelessness,

Yes even togetherness we forsake,

never learning the power of as one,

One can help another when we come together,

One can change the world and liberate when together we hate those who fight to enslave,

As one we can tell our youth not to lose hope in their generation as our generation wakes up and face up and take responsibility for what we see,

And bridge the gap over the sea of confusion and thrust of our leaders,

Who were supposed to lead us,

Not bleed us dry of our future self,

We tell our self we won’t stand by any longer while they destroy and loose what has taken many years many tears of faithful warriors who fought for freedom,

Freedom bought with their lives,

That freedom we now live with our lives,

So now I stand in the gap and make a promise to my future self,

That I will make a Change with the little change I have in my present self,

And speak with my gift,

talent and passion and share the message to evoke change.

One of the most precious gifts you have is your imagination. It was Paul McKenna that made the powerful statement; “Imagination’ and ‘habit’ will always be more powerful than ‘will power’ and ‘logic.’In light of this I’m greatly challenged to consider how to leverage the power inherent in my imagination and habit forming nature, so that these tools serve me, rather than control me. Often we use our energy trying to muster our will power attempting to apply logic to illogical aspects of our human experience.

Human experience has illogicalness to it because it is spiritual as well as physical. If you cut open a human body, you can find the brain, and the heart that pumps the blood, but not the mind we think with or the heart we use when we fall in love. These realities exist in a dimension beyond the physical and at this point human experience takes on elements that defy logic.

Our mind creates our perceptions that in large part define our reality. In our minds we generate ideas which can literally change the world, change our lives and the lives of countless others. Think about the aeroplane as an obvious example. Everything man has created started as an idea, a basic thought before it was made into reality. Imagination is a tremendous asset, when its power is harnessed to create lives of dreams.

Having laid this foundation I must now advice caution, not in the way of clipping wings off your dreams. No! Please dream as expansively as your imagination will allow you. But I would make you aware that not everyone is a dreamer, and not everyone will like your dream. And unfortunately some of the main protagonists may be those closest to you, even family members and some friends.

So let’s look briefly at behaviours we must adopt in order to protect and cultivate our dreams so that they are able to reach maturity without being devoured by would-be dream thieves or other uninspired individuals who seek to suck life from us.

Treat Your Dream Like You Would A Baby

A dream is an awesome gift to be impregnated with. It issues new life through all the cells and particles of our being. When we lack vision we atrophy and cast off restraint. But a dream gives us purpose, direction and hope. Dreams do more for us than simply setting goals, when fostered from enquiry at the depth of our beings a dream inspires us to rise up to our most lofty ideals and fulfil our innate potential. Giving birth to a dream may require some blood sweat and tears, but once it’s over, there will be much cause for celebration.

Dreams are delicate especially in the formative stages, and therefore we only hand our baby to a select group of close confidants, who deserve this level of trust. We then must foster and cultivate our dreams by feeding them a staple diet of correct nutrition and supplements. The nutrition of self-investment, through reading and study, supplemented with events, meditations, motivational DVD’s and CD’s. We may need to put ourselves into close proximity to the action, and foster key relationships with individuals in strategic positions along the way.

Bringing up a baby will always require us to part with money, but the short term investment, produces a life size human being. Likewise with our dreams, the monetary investments will produce worthwhile benefits in the long term that will prove much more satisfying than that extra piece of food or entertainment we may need to sacrifice in the short term.

Treat Your Dream Like You Would Your Spouse

Your marriage partner is your most sacred friend and life companion. Your dream is something similar, when you don’t have a dream inspiring your actions, life becomes a mundane ritual of events for event sake, but when we’re putting in the bricks and mortar of our life purpose in our day by day activity’s life takes on meaning and significance, even enchantment infused with passion. Our lives should be an evolving of our passions and our creativity, we were made to create, this doesn’t handicap you if you don’t have an artistic bent, creating goes beyond simply what we call being ‘creative’ in the context of style and flair.

We create when we build things of significance, things we sense deep down inside we were put on earth to create.

For someone it maybe a youth group or a health class, for others it maybe an invention, an organisation, or business venture. But for each individual, there is a unique attraction, a deep fascination to that particular life course that is your dream. Just as with a spouse the initial attraction may or may not be obvious, but what makes an individual know in the depth of their heart that this is the person they want to settle down with, raise a family with and grow old with is the same with our individual dreams.

Why one person’s dream differs from that of another is a deeply personal matter. In order to discover what your dream really is you need to honestly ask and answer the question; what do I want? We then must take time to actually tell ourselves the story and formulate the dream, not just see ourselves in the dream, but actually float into us in our dream, and make it as real as possible. This use of our imagination helps ingrain what we want into our subconscious, and enables us to begin to live out this reality the more we associate with our dream.

Treat Your Dream Like You Would Your Beloved Car

A dream has the ability to take your life from A to B, particularly if you dare to take your dream seriously. When I was a teenager I dreamt of being married and having a lovely family from a young age. I took this dream very seriously, and at 16 years old I met the boy of my dreams and by 19 I was a married woman. At 19 I had my first son and by 25 I was the Mother of four wonderful children and my teenage dreams had become a reality.

I have other dreams now that drive and propel my life, dreams of finding answers and solutions to some of life’s questions and communicating them creatively through mediums like this article or stories and books. I have dreams for me and dreams for my family. My husband and I share our dreams by telling each other stories of the future we dream of as we fall asleep at night.

This brings enormous connection and communication and helps us foster a joint dream that is mutually congruent. Let your dreams become a vehicle that enables you to arrive at your desired destination, by fuelling your endeavours and energising your efforts. If you’re thinking of losing weight, create a mental image of the ideal you, and as you train and diet, use that image to motivate you to get there. If it’s a financial goal, an educational or career exploit, dream it, protect it then realise it. Don’t let anyone steal your dream.

“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.”

―  Oscar Wilde

Don’t let money be your stumbling block to going for your dreams as you do not want to live a life of regret. Get inspired by many others taking the leap of faith and going for their dreams. I came across this great website called Living The Dream and I love it. It’s filled with great stories and ideas of people packing up their 9-5 full time or for a short while and going on wild adventures travelling around the world, you never know this could be you same time next year.

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