Do You Need Money To Make Money




When you are starting out in business one of the main key factors to getting started is ‘MONEY’ the ‘GREEN’ stuff the thing you need to even get started in the first place. But Do You really need money to start a successful successful business. Global Marketing Expert Rachael Aprill Phillips takes a closer look into the possibilities and the know-hows of starting a business with out cash.


Host: Rachael Aprill Phillips

Bio: Rachael Aprill Phillips is the CEO and founder of The Richible Group a collective of companies who’s vision is to help over a million people launch, run and grow a highly successful business. She was also named Top Global Marketing Expert by Huffington Post.

Co- Host:



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  1. It seems that so many people are going down the road of starting their own business, even without having all the money that they need before. personally this sound a be foolish to me, but each one to their own and all that, interesting points you covered here but I think you could have covered much more..

    • Hi there Alexis your welcome and if you are ever needed help further down these lines visit our ultimate multimedia platform for entrepreneurs to help you launch, run and grow your business have a great! day do visit back for more, would also love to know what other subjects you would like us to do a podcast on.


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