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    If You Want to Start a Service Business for Women, Follow This Advice From Ellevest's Founder

    In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Jen Hacker sits down with Sallie Krawcheck, founder of Ellevest, an investing firm for women, to talk about what it’s like to start a woman-oriented business. She explains how she first realized the need for her business, as well as some of the unique difficulties and strategies that came […] More

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    5 Professionals Who Make Great Franchise Candidates

    Franchising is designed to help people make the jump from traditional employment to entrepreneurship. From proven models of success to unmatched support systems, franchise businesses can turn aspiring entrepreneurs into successful business owners. However, there are certain professional backgrounds that have an advantage when it comes to the franchise business. I’m not talking about industry […] More

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    12 Tips for Growing Your Etsy Business

    The following excerpt is from the Staff at Entrepreneur Media Inc. and Jason R. Rich’s book Start Your Own Etsy Business. Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | IndieBound Once you believe you have the basics of running your Etsy business mastered, or you’re at least comfortable handling the day-to-day […] More

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    Custom Chatbot Development Tutorial To Start Your Own Bot Agency

    Outstanding entrepreneurs are always on top of the newest trends that offer business opportunities in the form of innovative solutions. You’re probably familiar with AI-powered virtual assistants, also known as chatbots, as they’ve been one of the hottest topics in the marketing world for some time now. Recent advancements in the technology that powers bots […] More

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    10 Lucrative Side Gigs for Millennials Looking to Earn Extra Money

    If you have knowledge in a particular field you could offer online courses through existing platforms and charge for them. This will depend heavily on your area of expertise and the platform you use, but you can provide additional materials to make the sources more attractive to potential clients. Active, more hands-on individuals can always […] More

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    10 Challenges Every Entrepreneur Will Face

    If you can anticipate the challenges you need to face to build a successful business, you’ll have an edge. That’s why Entrepreneur Network partner Patrick Bet-David explains 10 of the most common problems entrepreneurs encounter and how to overcome them in this video. These challenges include giving up a 9 to 5 salary, building a […] More

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    10 Lucrative Side Gigs Ideal for Millennials Looking to Earn Extra Cash

    If you’re feeling unfulfilled by your work and could use some extra cash, having a part-time job or side hustle is one of your best options. Of all age groups and generations, millennials tend to show the most interest in finding a job that gives them purpose…and there are many of these opportunities available. Because millennials […] More

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    10 Money-Making Side Hustles Jobs You Can Start for Free or Cheaply

    Technological advancements have changed several aspects of modern society. For instance, having a side job is not a new concept. Thanks to technology, we can now choose from a huge variety of tasks that require different skills to help us make money on the side. If you’re looking to invest your spare time into profit-generating […] More

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    The 5 Characteristics of Social Media Websites That Go Viral

    With the advent of the web 2.0 comes a shift from simple and bland web pages to dynamic and interactive web platforms. It is now possible to create a social media site that does not only attract new businesses, but also foster relationships and create opportunities for other people. The possibilities are endless and the barrier […] More

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    These 4 Small Business Trends Are Defining 2017

    There’s something about the promise of the new year. In the aftermath of all the feasting and reveling and overindulging, that makes us do two things: we pledge and we predict Small Business Trends. We make impossible-to-keep diet and exercise plans, assign ourselves ambitious reading lists, and, especially in the world of small business, we make […] More

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    5 Steps to Get Your Parents to Respect Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

    My parents are amazing. I can confidently say I couldn’t have found success without them. But, when I started my first business, the toughest thing was convincing them that the entrepreneurial journey (rather than a degree in engineering or an MBA program) was best for me. How did I win them over? The key to convince conservative parents […] More

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    We Went up Against a Highly Regulated, Entrenched Industry. Here Are 4 Tips for Getting Your Foot in the Door.

    Multibillion-dollar legacy industries don’t make it easy for entrepreneurs to step in and create value. There are huge barriers to entry — licensing, pricing, regulations, and cultural/brand significance — that come with being around for a century or more. However, those barriers shouldn’t stop you from innovating. Take the utility sector for example, which is […] More

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    Founder Struggles: How These Startups Overcame Their Obstacles (and What You Can Learn From How They Did It)

    Everyone wants to start a company. Open the doors, get your funding, then exit with a ton of cash. It may sound easy, but nothing can be further from the truth. You will face many obstacles as a founder. Overcoming these obstacles doesn’t mean your startup will be a success, but it does put you on the […] More

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    The Best Places for Veteran Entrepreneurs to Get Funding

    Veteran-owned businesses have long been a key part of the American economic engine. Following World War II, an incredible 49.7 percent of returning veterans went on to start their own business. Today, according to the most recent census data, there are 2.45 million veteran-owned businesses in the United States, contributing $ 1.22 trillion in sales […] More

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    Don’t Shuffle People Into the Wrong Job Just Because They’re Already on the Payroll

    The old adage that a “bird in hand is worth two in the bush” may work in some instances in business, but slotting people into employee roles is definitely not one of them. I can’t tell you how many times I see early-stage entrepreneurs put someone in a role simply because it’s convenient. This is particularly harmful when the […] More

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