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    Should You Work or Travel After Graduation? (Infographic)

    We’re getting closer to graduation day for many students across America. Amid feelings of excitement, anxiety and confusion, these new graduates will be thrust into a decision to figure out the next chapter of their lives. That can be easier said than done. If you’re one of the students expecting to graduate soon, rather than […] More

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    Richard Branson Explains Business Brilliance From His Self-Made Tropical Paradise

    Join us in a city near you at Entrepreneur’s Accelerate Your Business event series kicking off Feb 23. View cities and dates » After swimming 10 miles with a shark (a friendly shark) following him at the end, Entrepreneur Network partner Joe Desena, founder and CEO of Reebok Spartan Race and the voice of the Spartan UP! podcast, […] More

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    The 1 Simple Quote That Has Driven This Serial Entrepreneur to Success

    If you’ve ever read Napoleon Hill’s famous Think and Grow Rich, then you’re familiar with the concept of setting your “chief aim.” As Hill explains it, your chief aim is your intention. It’s where you want to go. It’s what you want to build. It’s who you want to be. He underscores the importance of planting […] More

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    How to Make Sure You Hire the Right People to Grow Your Business

    This article was written by YEC member Zev Herman. He is the president of Superior Lighting, specializing in energy efficient lighting design and retrofits. There are two ways to come into owning a business: You either build a company from the ground up or you acquire a pre-existing company. Both options have pros and cons. For example, […] More

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    The Holiday Marketing Guide for Small Businesses

    We have officially entered the holiday season! October through January is filled with holidays from Halloween to New Years. As a small business, you can take advantage of this joyful time by taking your marketing efforts to the next level. There are many different ways a small business can celebrate (and profit from) the holidays, […] More

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    10 Quotes to Help You Not Suck and Be Awesome, According to an Awesomeness Expert

    What’s better than being excellent? Apparently it’s being awesome. And we’ll stop you right there: these words are not interchangeable. At least according to Nick Riggle, a philosopher and author of the new book, On Being Awesome. In the book, Riggle outlines “how not to suck,” pulling in real world examples, helping to create a […] More

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    7 Tips for Getting More Sales Meetings With Prospects

    The concept is simple — more meetings equals more sales, which equals more income. Most salespeople understand the importance of setting meetings in order to crush their sales goals, but very few are doing the necessary work to make those meetings happen. Setting meetings doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. A little proactive planning […] More

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    4 Ways Team-Building Rituals Can Actually Destroy a Team

    Team-building rituals are meant to strengthen a company culture, but they may in fact be doing the opposite. In a study published in the National Library of Medicine, researchers sought to find out the overall effects that team-building rituals have on a business. It turns out that while outings such as team retreats or weekly […] More

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    5 Ways Millennials Built My Empire

    Millennials are entitled, unmotivated and allergic to hard work. At least, that’s what I used to think. But now, over 75 percent of my high-performance team consists of millennials, and they run our ever-growing empire. Sure, there are plenty of millennials who are lazy, entitled and emotionally fragile — but you could say the same about […] More

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    Why You Still Need Business Cards

    Business cards may seem old fashioned especially for Generation Y and Z. However, it is still essential to actually carry a business card because it provides an easy way of letting other people get in touch with you and is more personal compared to a digital contact exchange. Therefore, it looks like business cards will not […] More

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    6 Dynamic Ways to Serve Your Clients

    Client service, broadly defined, means supplying your customers with what they want, when they want it and how they want it, in a friendly and professional way. Client service is a vital ingredient in any business. In fact, a good service interaction can hike business-to-business transactions by 62 percent. It can raise business-to-consumer transactions by 42 […] More

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    How to Stand Out During a Job Interview

    According to Jobvite, 65 percent of recruiters say that the lack of skilled candidates is their biggest obstacle to hiring — and I completely agree. I was recently hiring for a position at my company, Ramp Ventures, and I was shocked by the poor quality of applicants. Related: An Introvert’s Guide to Job Interviews (Infographic) So many […] More

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    When It Comes to Corporate Partnerships, Remember These 5 Relationship Tricks

    Just like famously long-lasting power couples — Michelle and Barack Obama, Beyonce and Jay Z — startups and big corporations often benefit by teaming up. However, these partnerships aren’t without their pitfalls. Letting each party maintain its own identity and independent priorities is tough, and keeping two very different — and demanding — partners happy […] More

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    6 Elements of a Million-Dollar Brand

    Free Webinar | August 16th Find out how to optimize your website to give your customers experiences that will have the biggest ROI for your business. Register Now » It’s obvious that a path to a million-dollar anything will be immensely difficult and require a lot of dedication. Once you’ve decided that you can dedicate […] More

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